What the E.V.A.?!

How many E.V.A.'s (Executive Virtual Assistants) could you use to propel your business and productivity to a new level?

It’s not uncommon for the E.V.A.’s that Soar provides you to have MBA’s, PHD’s and at the minimum a Bachelor’s degree. Completely fluent in both written and spoken English, at Soar we are at a whole different level.

Need someone with a degree in accounting? Got it. 

Need someone with a marketing and design background? Got it. 

Need someone expert in Finance...again we got it. 

If you have 30 minutes and are interested in doubling your productivity while slashing your personnel costs by up to 80%, let's talk.
Grow Your Network
While you sleep, your full time business assistant will expand your LinkedIn influence and fill up your calendar with meaningful appointments.
Reduce Your Stress
Focus your efforts on your strengths. Learn how to match your strengths to your perfect productivity assistant. 
Match Your Strengths
We match your strengths with your productivity partner. Our matching process is not a "one size fits all" process. See if you qualify.  


Meet Annie, Soar EVA

"I have a masters degree in English language and literature and I have studied and practiced English extensively. I would love to be your productivity partner and look forward to helping you fulfill your mission and vision as we work together."



There's more! Watch the FREE webinar replays below and discover how to harness the combined power of LinkedIn and a superb Virtual Assistant:

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